Step 4 – Invest in BitConnect Lending

We are very close to our main goal!

We have BCC and we can invest in BitConnect lending to get our ~1% profit daily.

How to start BitConnect Lending

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Click Lend BitConnect
  3. Enter the amount you want to invest in USD
  4. Read the conditions and put a checkmark. Nothing special here, just keep in mind that you agree, that your investment will be frozen for a given period.
  5. If everything’s OK, tap the blue button Pay From Bitconnect Wallet.

Congratulations with your first lending investment!

In 24 hours you will get your first daily profit!

Daily profit varies from 0 to 2%, if you want to find out, how much you’ll get tomorrow – check this page:

In this example tomorrow we’ll receive 1.95% tomorrow.

And all this period look pretty generous!

Isn’t it awesome?

How to check your earnings?

It’s simple:

  1. Navigate to Transaction tab in your menu.
  2. Select a Lending Wallet tab
  3. Select profit from the drop-down menu. All your daily earnings will appear here!

It’s very pleasant to check your profits! Enjoy!

What’s next?

We’ve done a great job. We set up an effective financial instrument which will generate ~1% profits!

Sure, that’s great.

But now we must come up with a deliberate lending strategy to get results you want!

So, after you have done all 4 steps – please, email me.

Tell me your nickname and your investment amount. I’ll make sure that you’re now in my team and then I’ll help you to select the best investment strategy exactly for you! Also I’ll answer your questions about BitConnect and send you important updates.

If you don’t want to use my referral link – that’s your choice. But please, put yourself in my place! I’m sorry, but I won’t have time to help you with a strategy. My goal is to help my team first!

Good luck with your investments and remember: don’t forget to have fun earning money! 🙂