Step 3 – Buy BitConnect Coins

At this point we already have BTC on our internal BitConnect wallet.

  • If you don’t know how to put BitCoins to your internal BitConnect wallet – I suggest you to check out a previous step – Step 2
    • If you don’t know how to buy and store BTC – check out the first step – Step 1.
    • So, BitCoins received. What next?

      Now we must exchange Bitcoin (BTC) into BitConnect (BCC).

      How to exchange BTC to BCC?

      Follow these steps:

      1. Go to BCC Exchange in your left sidebar
      2. Scroll down to Live Orders
      3.        Here you’ll see two lists:

        • BUY BitConnect – here you can add tasks to buy BCC
        • SELL BitConnect – here you can add tasks to sell BCC
        Remember: you can enter any price you want. But if you try buying BCC much cheaper, you will end up waiting for days and won’t get any BCC at all. My suggestion is to use the best price that market offers you.
      4. Choose the top seller (he offers to sell BCC for the most optimal price). Click the blue minus and his PRICE will appear in your buy BCC window
      5. Click the button All. It means that you buy BCC for all BTC you have on your internal wallet.
      6. Click the green button BUY BITCONNECT COIN. A window with order will appear. Check if everything is correct and click the green button.

      Exchange will be immediate because we’ve chosen the same price as the other seller.

      Screen Instructions (Click to Enlarge):

      How to exchange BTC into BCC

      What will happen if I order BCC for a lower price?

      If you try buying BCC for a significantly lower price than a market price, your BTC will be frozen for a very long time (until someone decides to buy it). This can be months, so actually you’ll just lose time.

      If you try buying BCC for a slightly lower price, someone can sell you BCC for this price in 5-10 days. I also discourage you from doing this because it’s a game of change and you can lose much time – the most important resource in our strategy


      Now you have BCC and can participate in BitConnect Lending – one of the most profitable investment options in 2017-2020!

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