Step 2 – Create BitConnect Account and Add Funds

At this point we already have BTC on our BitCoin wallet. Now we need to invest this money in BitConnect lending. But first we need to create an account and make it secure!

So, in this step we’ll do three things:

  • Create BitConnect account
  • Make it secure
  • Add Funds

How to create BitConnect Account

1. Complete a form

Go to URL (if you want to join my team.)

Why join my team?

Because you will get:

  • Advanced lending tactics to maximize your profit;
  • Your own BCC investment plan coherent with your requirements;
  • Support via email.

Read more about all the benefits you’ll get here.

Here’s what to do:

Visiting this URL:

…you’ll be redirected to this form:


  1. First name – enter your first name here
  2. Last name – enter your last name here
  3. Email Address – this email address must be real, only you must have access to this inbox. Otherwise your money can be stolen.
  4. User name – pick any username. Personally I use AlexTer for 10 years at all sites while my real name is Darnell
  5. Password – please, use a strong password! To make it strong use special characters, capital letters and numbers. Also password must be long. Save it in a safe place!
  6. Confirm password – paste a copy of your password
  7. Select a country and phone number. Phone number is not used to finish account creation but can be used later, so I suggest using a real number.
  8. Sponsor – it must contain “AlexTer” if you visited given URL, if this field is empty and you want to join my team – type AlexTer here. Otherwise you can leave it blank and invest yourself.
  9. Date of birth – just enter your date of birth
  10. Captcha challange – click to confirm you aren’t bot.
  11. Check “I agree and have read the Terms of use”
  12. Make sure you correctly entered all the info and click “SING UP” button.

*1.1 Have account already, but still want to join my team?

Just go to Management Tools -> Profile and enter AlexTer in Sponsor field.

That’s it! Now you are part of my team!

*1.2. Don’t want to join the team and try investing yourself?

That’s totally fine, just fill the form and leave a sponsor field blank.

It’s your choice! But please, don’t ask me for investment advice and support then.

I’m sorry, but I have only 24 hours in a day. And I will have time to help my team only…

I think its fair!

2. Verify your email

BitConnect will send you a verification email. Just go to your mailbox and open email from BitConnect and follow the verification link.

How to make your account secure

First of all, it’s important to follow simple rules of cyber hygyene:

  • Use strong passwords (we did it already)
  • Use security anti-virus software
  • Avoid suspicious websites, avoid downloading suspicious files, etc

All these actions will make you feel safe and understand that your password won’t be parsed by any spyware, etc.

1. Security quesitons

During the first login you’ll be prompted to set security questions:

I highly recommend you to write down the answers to your security questions. Don’t rely on your memory when it comes to security!

After you submit answers to security questions your security level will still be LOW:

Let’s change it to high! To do so we need to activate two-factor authentication and code card.

2. How to activate two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication requires two independent sources to identify a user: password and additional 6-digit code.

So basically to login you will need to enter your password first (that you chose during registration) and then you’ll be asked to enter a 6-digit code from your smartphone application Google Authenticator. This 6-digit code is being changed every 30 seconds which makes it almost impossible to steal your account!

How to activate two-factor authentication:

  1. Go to Security and select a Two-factor authentication tab
  2. Save authentication key – this one is required if you want to change your phone and restore two-factor authentication for BitConnect
  3. Download Google Authenticator from Google Play or iOS
  4. Open Google Authenticator, press “+” and select “Scan Barcode
  5. Scan the QR Code on the screen
  6. Application will show you a 6-digit code. Enter this code into Authentication code field
  7. Click “Enable” button.
  8. Congrats!

    Now you successfully activated two-factor authentication for your BitConnect account. Every time you attempt to login the system will ask you to enter your password and then to enter a 6-digit code from your Google Authenticator app

    3. How to activate code cards

    Code card is list of 12 codes labeled with numbers:

    • Code 1 – 234234
    • Code 2 – 043883
    • Code 12 – 234904

    Sometimes the system may ask you to enter a number code, for example code 11. And you will need to enter it. As you see, it’s pretty simple but this adds some extra security to your account, so let’s set it up!


    1. Go to Security and select a “CODE CARDS” tab
    2. You will be shown a table with 12 codes
    3. Save these codes. (You can write them down manually or make a picture with smartphone).
    4. Click “Next
    5. System may ask you to enter several codes to make sure you understood how it works.

    Good job! Now your security level is HIGH and you can safely add funds to your internal BitConnect wallets.

    How to add funds to BitConnect

    First we need to understand the different wallets in BitConnect system (Internal wallets)

    In the upper line of your profile you can see all the wallets you have. There are only 3 of them (BCH wallet soon will be removed):

    • BitCoin Wallet- for input/output of funds from the system. In both cases it is easier to do it with help of Bitcoins and BitCoin Wallet.
    • BitConnect Wallet – a mid wallet. We need it either to withdraw money from Lending Wallet or to invest in capitalization scheme. We buy BCC for our BTC to start investing. Probably this is how system makes us use BitConnect Coin to increase it’s market cap.
    • Lending Wallet. You will get your profit from lending investment here. After the end of the “freeze” you’ll withdraw the initial investment into it. It’s an internal USD wallet.

    CAUTION: do not mix up your internal BCC and BTC wallets!

    • Never send BCC to your BTC wallet
    • Never send BTC to your BCC wallet

    In both cases you will lose your funds! Why?

    Because system associates your internal BTC number only with your BTC balance, and your BCC wallet only with your BCC balance. Sure, you can send BTC to your internal BCC wallet, but system won’t understand that it’s your’s: it expects to receive BTC to BTC wallet and BCC to BCC wallet. So don’t mix them up, because your funds will sent to someone else!

    Also you must understand that your internal wallets are owned by BitConnect, not you. It means that its owners can control funds on these wallets. This is why your final goal is to withdraw funds to your own wallet (one that we created in Step 1).

    How to transfer money to service

    Here’s what you should do:

    • Go to DASHBOARD
    • Click the green button “Deposit Bitcoin (BTC)”
    • You’ll be shown an address of your internal BTC wallet. Copy this address
    • Open your BTC wallet (one that we’ve created in Step1) and click “SEND” button
    • You will be asked the recipient’s address. Paste the address of your internal BTC wallet
    • Click “Send”

    That’s it! Now your BitCoins will be sent to your internal BTC wallet. Transaction make take from 30 minutes to 48 hours depending on how busy system is.

    Congratulations! Now we’ve created our BitConnect account, made it highly secure and added funds to it!

    Now all we have to do is exchange BTC to BCC and then make an investment!

    Jump to the Step 3 where we’ll exchange BTC to BCC