Noise about BitConnect LTD closure

By | 22nd November 2017

Numerous investors panic citing

All this buzz going around about Bitconnect LTD closure has nothing to deal with us.

It is an empty-shell company, that haven’t worked and reported any official statements about such kind of activity (that’s why the registrator launched the exclusion procedure, that expelled the company from the Unified Register of Legal Entities of UK).

For today there are only 2 entities in UK, connected with the name BITCONNECT:

  1. One that was created on 14 July 2016: BITCONNECT LTD ‎10278342
  2. BITCONNECT INTERNATIONAL PLC – incorporated on 6 September 2017 10948031

All the noise is about a first one – BITCONNECT LTD.

Apparently, this LTD is fake.There were no formal grounds of company’s activity and no reports about it. That’s why the State Registrar sent a requirement to report on company’s activity. In this connection one launched the removal procedure that expelled the files about the company from the Unified Register of Legal Entities of UK. Regulatory source: companies act 2006 section 1000 (3)

Probably, this company was created before BitConnect started as currency. This company didn’t work. It existed de-jure just for show.

As the company wasn’t working at all, its elimination won’t cause any implications, besides inadequate response of scaremongers.


‎10948031 – Incorporated on 6 September 2017:

The company was created in September 2017.

Share capital: 5,000,000 GBP (50% paid).

Public limited Company – public LTD. Within owners fourteen people, all British. Thirteen of them are stated as directors. I assume, these people are the Board or each of them has signing authority. The last one out of this fourteen is a secretary.

That’s why statement about BitConnects nearest closure is fake. System keeps working and keeps bringing profits to me and my team! Want to join? Read my story and go to BitConnect lending guide!

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