BCCPAY Coming soon!

By | 27th November 2017

visualization of BCCPAY card from bccpay.co

Good times coming! It looks like BitConnect will fulfill their promise to create a debit card, called BCCPAY.

BCCPAY is a debit card, developed by BitConnect. Users will be albe to store BCC and BTC on BCCPAY.

We’ll have possibility to pay using BCCPAY online, in shops, restaurants and withdraw cash from ATM.

How it works

First of all you will need to sign up and add funds to your profile in order to request your BCCPAY card. All we know is that ordering a card is paid and currently price is not disclosed, but soon we’ll find out.

There will be two card options: depending on currency and balance we’ll be able to order either a plastic or a virtual card.

Key information:

  • BCC and BTC can be deposited
  • Deposits can be stored in USD, GBP and EUR
  • Transaction fee is 0.25%


There will be two types of cards: KYC1 Level 1 and Level 2 which have different limits. You can withdraw 400USD/day and 2000USD/day respectively, learn more about limits here.


Online purchase Free Free Free
Offline shopping Free Free Free
Monthly service $ 1,00 € 1,00 £ 1,00
Domestic ATM withdrawal $ 2,50 € 2,25 £ 1,75
International ATM withdrawal $ 3,50 € 2,75 £ 2,25
Intra account Transfer Free Free Free

Personally I think that release of BCCPAY is a very strong signal of BitConnect being in a stable position. They aren’t afraid of withdrawals because participants prefer growing instead of quitting. And this trend seems to last for a long time.

New to BitConnect?

If you’re new to BitConnect and want to give it a try, look no further! I created a detailed BitConnect assessment and a step-by-step BitConnect Lending guide.

Also I’m consulting my team: I help every member to make the best use of this wonderful investment option according to his personal goals. (You’ll find out how to join in Lending Guide).

Learn information, build your own vision and make a decision!

Good luck:)

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