My Story

Hi there!

Darnell Lambert speaking. I’m 52 y.o. and I live and work in Bend, OR.

I don’t really like to speak about sources of my income and how much I earn and so on…


Because people are predominantly cruel and evil-eyed creatures. Success of ones usually will only bother others!

But this time my self-conceit and greed overcame my common sense; I decided to unveil a part of my strategy.

So here we go!

During last 28 months I’m investing instead of working at a regular job. My investments vary greatly: from kids’ toys and real estate to mining and cryptocurrency trading.

Money devalues on daily basis which makes keeping them in bank an inefficient strategy.

That’s why for me it’s better to lose money because of unsuccessful investment, than of currency depreciation.

You ask me why?

Because I prefer action to doing nothing. It’s my creed!

Some assets in my investment portfolio are conservative (safe, but low-yielding) and others are risky (dangerous, but highly profitable).

Today I want to tell you about my favorite risky investment. This one makes me $900-$1,100 daily, for example this month I earned about $31K.

This investment is called cryptocurrency lending.

Cryptocurrency lending is a temporary investment in altcoin, for which the investor receives daily profit. – learn about BCC lending here

I judge by the worst – it’s a Ponzi scheme.

I hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.

It is rational.

That is why I start with the fact, that BitConnect lending is the Ponzi scheme (in spite of the fact that there’s no clear indicator of it). That means that sooner or later the system won’t be able to pay profits and I can lose all my money.

Why am I risking my money then?

There is one simple rule: the higher risks are, the higher earnings can get.

I earn $1K/day, because I’m ready to lose $100K every single day.

For me it’s a calculated risk – I accepted such game rules.

I regret that I didn’t invest in BitCoin 3-4 years ago, because it seemed too risky for me. If I invested $100k in BitCoin in 2014 (BTC price was ~$9), today I’d have about ~$72 million.
Yeah, 72 million sounds too good to be true, but that’s what BTC price charts say.

I believe that BCC lending is another chance to make a lot of money. And I don’t want to miss it. I’ll better lose money, than regret. This is my living postioin.

If that makes sense for you, I suggest you read my review of BitConnect, consider all the pros and cons and only after that make your own decision.

If you’ve already decided – move to step-by-step guide.

Register at BitConnect now.