About BitConnect Coin

What is BitConnect (BCC)?

BitConnect is a decentralized cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. It can be used to pay for goods and services. It can be mined using hardware or traded.

And needless to say you can invest in it.

Nowadays currency is actively issued and its price increases almost daily!

Key Stats:

  • Market Cap: $2 000 000 000+
  • One of top 10 coins by market cap
  • Current total supply: 8,392,580 BCC
  • Total supply: 28,000,000 BCC

Who develops BitConnect (BCC)? And why?

I’ll start with the answer for the second question (what for): to earn money.

The more people use (buy) BCC, the higher its capitalization and price is. This provides benefit to creators and investors because they buy BCC cheaper, than sell it.

Just look how BTC price’s risen during the last six months:

BCC price and capitalization chart from coinmarketcap.com

In spring BCC was traded up to 10 USD. At the moment of writing this post it costs $250+ ! And at the moment you read this article it probably costs more!

I’ve inserted a coinmarketcap widget with live BCC price, check it out:

A little bit of Math.

If you’d bought 625 BCC (for $100) in January 2017, you would earn $88,725 by selling it now for 273 USD per coin.

Do you understand now why the creators and investors are interested in marketing of this cryptocurrency?

Because it’s f***ing lucrative!

We don’t know who is the creator of BitConnect!

In cryptocurrency world, it is a common practice. For example, we don’t know who created Bitcoin. We know only his nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. Why do the creators like anonymity? Because money is a fan of silence.

Cryptocurrencies were created as digital money that provides anonymity to their users. Imagine that, unlike in traditional banks, you don’t have to pay due and give information about your identity. That’s why most of the main banks are against cryptocurrency. The case is that crypto is very profitable for a common person and it deprives banks of the opportunity to use partial redundancy.

The Most Important Thing

BitConnect coin (BCC) is not the most intriguing component of BitConnect! I believe that BitConnect Lending can become a real game-changer in your investment and it can change your life!
Sure, this loud statement usually discourages investors (me too). But I had to say this, because I sincerely believe in this words.

Why Lending?

Because investing $1k in year you can earn about ~21k. That’s a huge profit but a high risk also.

This is why I strongly suggest you to read my overeview of Bit Connect system, learn what is BitConnect Lending and then make your own decision.

Good luck!