Intro: What is BitConnect Lending

A bit of history first.

Bitcoin(BTC) was the 1-st cryptocurrency in the world. Its price skyrocketed, because lots of people started using Bitcoin and investing their money in it. The more funds were invested, the higher was capitalization of BTC, and the higher was the price for every bitcoin.

Currently there are 1200+ alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) on the market. Developers and investors of each altcoin are interested in its growth, because the higher capitalization is (the more money people invest in it), the more expensive currency becomes: win-win situation.

investment > capitalization > coin price

To invite funds, companies give profits to lending participants.

BitConnect pays ~1% profit every day to participants of its lending investment program.

Simple math tells that you can X2 your investments in ~2-3 months.

Where cash comes from?

An official version of how it works: trading bot plays on the cryptocurrency market using the programmed algorithm (buys and sells currency according to its growth and sinking).

Unofficial version is much simpler: the speed of BitConnect deflation exceeds 1%, which should be paid to investors.

For example, I invested in BCC that was traded $23 per coin this summer, now its price is $200+ per coin. Such crazy price growth easily overlaps the payoffs to investors.

Lending is relatively new way of promoting cryptocurrencies. It’s in active use starting this year. I’ve tested 3 main altcoins, which offer lending as promoting method:

  • BCC (BitConnect)
  • REC (RegalCoin)
  • XHT (HextraCoin)

I prefer BCC (BitConnect) because:

  1. it ranks among top10 cryptocurrencies with biggest market cap in the world
  2. it pays the profits regularly
  3. it has the best reviews among the investors

How much can I make with BCC lending?

You can double your investment in about 2-3 months (your income will work out in about 1% per day), e.g.:

Investment Daily profit Monthly profit Bonus daily profit,% Freeze period
$100 ~$1 ~$30 0 299 days
$1,010 ~$10 ~$300 +0.1% 239 days
$5,010 ~$50 ~$1,500 +0.2% 179 days
$10,010 ~$100 ~$3,000 +0.25 120 days
  • Investment – how much money you invest. Minimum investment is $100.
  • Daily profit – is what you will receive every day. If you invest less $100 – $1,010 you will get profit without any bonuses, your profit will vary from 0% to 2%, you can find out the exact amount here. Investing from $1,010 you will receive daily bonus profits.


If you invest $4,000, your daily profit will be volatility software profit e.g. 1.56% plus 0.1%.

We get 1.56% + 0.1% = 1.66%

Your daily profit will be $4,000 x 1.66% = $66.4 / day

  • Freeze period – is how long you aren’t allowed to withdraw your capital back.
    Trush is BitConnect wants your investments, not to make you rich. Investors, on the contrary, are interested in getting back their money asap. And BitConnect motivates users to invest more not only with bonus daily profits, but with lower freeze periods.


Everything depends on how much money you’re ready to risk.

Larger investments make higher profits and faster ROI.

It’s important that bigger investments have shorter freeze period.

How much will I get in 1 month?

You can’t find out the exact monthly profits, because daily profits vary.

But BitConnect has a handy calculator which you can use to estimate earnings.

sample calculation of your profits

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select a previous period. I advice to select 6 months to be shown an average daily profit % for last 6 months.
  2. Enter your principal – how much you’re going to invest
  3. Rate of interest % will appear automatically depending on previous period you choose. Also in our example it shows extra +0.1% because we entered $4,000 that is more than $1,010
  4. Term length – enter 31 to find out your monthly estimated profit
  5. Press calculate button to find out earnings. It will show your profit, ROI and profit with principal.

Play around with this calculator. It will help you to understand the mechanics and how much you can earn.

Is BitConnect Lending for Me?

I created because I sincerely believe that BitConect can become an effective investment tool. But not for everyone!

This is why I created a map, that will help you make your own decision whether BitConnect Lending is for you.

As you see, there are more arrows leading to NO.

That’s because you must think twice before participating in such systems.

Invest in BitConnect only if it’s not your last money!

But if you have some idle money and have some room for aggressive assets in your portfolio – it’s for you!

How to invest in BCC lending?

We will do everything setp-by-step.

Here’s our algorithm:

  • In Step 1 we’ll learn how to convert fiat money into BitCoins on our BTC wallet
  • In Step 2 we’ll learn how to create BitConnect account, make it highly protected and add funds to it.
  • In Step 3 we’ll convert BitCoins to BitConnect coins
  • In Step 4 we’ll invest BTC in BTC lending and we’ll start earning profits
  • After this we’ll learn advanced practical hacks how to unlock potential of BCC lending

This may sound complicated, but in fact all steps can be done in 1 day. And next day you’ll start earning profits.

I’m trying to explain all the steps in-depth because I want you to understand the process as clearly as possible.

Also this guide is noob-friendly. Everybody can do it, just spend a couple of hours.